Pegasus 22 genesis by Unicorn Mods (EN)

pegasus-22-unicorn-mods-005Lucas is an Italian artisan moder located in Milan, Italy. He’s the CEO of Unicorn Mods (the website is under construction). Unicorn Mods is about to launch a genesis that blown me away for genesis. The genesis are often unfairly shunned.  They produce a very sweet vapor, with an excellent restitution of flavors and I really appreciate a good genesis between two drips. Unfortunately it is not in this category of atomizers targeting a connaisseurs public (often quite conservative), that we can regularly find significant improvements. Well… I found one !

Pegasus 22 is a CNC made genesis but all the finish are handmade. The top cap of this atomizer is really tricky, beautifuly engineered. A small domed room and especially an extra half dome located just above the mesh in the top cap . This principle, here adapted to a genesis, can be found on some drippers like the Tobh or the Magma. It significantly contributes to improve the saturation of the vapor with flavors, for an optimal restitution.

Lucas currently takes pre-orders via a list (Pegasus 22 costs 150 €) , and the first batch (130 units) is already locked… so you will need to wait for the second batch. Customizations (size of the airhole, connector material) are available on request.

Lucas is very accessible via his Unicorn Facebook group, so do not hesitate to contact him for more information about the availability of a next batch or even the possibility to distribute this high-end genesis in your shop if you are a reseller.

Edit: Lucas told me that orders for the Pegasus 22 will be available via its website the first week of July.

Let’s have a closer look at this wonderful top cap :

Capture d’écran 2014-06-02 à 09.24.11

In addition to this genesis, note that Unicorn Mods also has its catalog a pretty cool mechanical mod available in stainless steel , brass and copper .


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